Cross Platform Video Recording for Unity Engine

Recording Made Easy

NatCorder is a lightweight video recording API for Unity Engine. Designed with a push architecture, you can record videos in three simple steps. First, create a recorder:
var recorder = new GIFRecorder(
640, // image width
480, // image height
0.1 // frame duration
Commit a bunch of frames to the recorder:
Texture2D texture;
// Commit frames
while (recording)
And when you're all done, finish writing and use the video as you desire:
// Finish recording
var videoPath = await recorder.FinishWriting();

Simple and Powerful

NatCorder is designed to be very flexible and lightweight. Features include:
  • Record any texture, anything that can be rendered to texture, or any pixel data.
  • Record MP4 videos, animated GIF images, JPEG image sequences, and WAV audio files.
  • Control recording quality, with parameters like bitrate and keyframe interval.
  • Record at any resolution.
  • Get path to the recorded video in device storage.
  • Record with the H.265 HEVC codec in addition to the H.264 codec for MP4.
Make sure to explore the full documentation to get a complete understanding of what the API offers.

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