Tracking Changes



  • Added CameraInput.cameras property for inspecting recording cameras.

  • Fixed ScreenInput causing washed out colors when recording in app that uses linear rendering.

  • Fixed creating recorder in MonoBehaviour.Awake method raising exception about invalid session token.

  • Deprecated CameraInput.HDR property as it is no longer necessary to explicitly specify HDR rendering.


  • Improved native error handling to prevent hard crashes.

  • Fixed crash when accessing WAVRecorder.frameSize property on iOS and macOS.

  • Fixed crash when committing audio to MP4Recorder with free plan on iOS and macOS.

  • Removed mute flag from AudioInput constructor.

  • Moved CropTextureInput over to VideoKit.

  • Moved WatermarkTextureInput over to VideoKit.


  • Fixed bug where invalid access key was set in the Editor after building from Unity.

  • Fixed bug where builds from the Windows Editor would cause "invalid session token" errors at runtime.

  • Fixed crash after importing and running NatCorder without setting a NatML access key in the Windows Editor.


  • NatCorder can now be tried without an active NatML MediaKit subscription! See the docs for more details.

  • Fixed ObjectDisposedException when committing frames in JPEGRecorder.

  • Refactored JPGRecorder to JPEGRecorder for correctness.

  • NatCorder now requires iOS 14+.



  • Significantly improved recording performance on Android when using GLESTextureInput.

  • Fixed freezing for first 1-2 seconds in MP4 video recorded with audio on Android.


  • Doubled recording performance on Windows by leveraging SIMD vectorization:

  • Added full support for linear rendering.

  • Added support for recording animated GIF images with transparency in GIFRecorder :

  • Added support for WAVRecorder on WebGL.

  • Fixed application hanging when finishing ultra high-resolution recording with GLESTextureInput on Android.

  • Fixed failed recording returning null path instead of raising exception.


  • Improved general recording performance on Android.

  • Fixed sporadic crash when using GLESTextureInput on Android.


  • Added GIFRecorder support on WebGL.

  • Improved GIFRecorder performance on Android.

  • Improved GLESTextureInput performance on Android.

  • Fixed sporadic MP4Recorder recording failure when recording with audio on Android.

  • Fixed sporadic application hanging when stopping recording with OpenGL ES3 on Android.

  • Refactored CameraInput.UseAndroidGLESTextureInput to UseGLESTextureInput.


  • Added GLESTextureInput texture input for accelerated video recording on Android with OpenGL ES3.

  • Added CameraInput.UseAndroidGLESTextureInput field to automatically use GLESTextureInput to improve recording performance on Android with OpenGL ES3.

  • Improved native error handling to further mitigate hard crashes on Android.


  • Rewrote Android implementation from scratch in C++ to improve performance and significantly reduce fatal crashes from recording errors.

  • Added WebGL support with WEBMRecorder that records videos to the .webm container format.

  • Added ScreenInput recorder input for recording the screen. This will typically have better performance than CameraInput, and can also record overlay UI canvases.

  • Added IMediaRecorder.CommitFrame overload that accepts a NativeArray<T>.

  • Added IMediaRecorder.CommitSamples overload that accepts a NativeArray<float>.

  • Added CropTextureInput texture input for recording a cropped video.

  • Added WatermarkTextureInput texture input for recording video with a watermark.

  • Fixed AndroidJNI compiler error in AudioInput on Unity 2021+.

  • Fixed WAVRecorder.CommitSamples allocating memory on every call.

  • Refactored top-level namespace from NatSuite.Recorders to NatML.Recorders.


  • Improved GIFRecorder quality on iOS and macOS by switching to local color tables.

  • Added more descriptive error logging when recording fails on iOS and macOS.

  • Added CameraInput.HDR boolean field to allow for recording post-processing effects.

  • Fixed native error when finishing GIFRecorder on iOS 15.

  • Fixed crash when FinishWriting is called without committing frames on Windows.

  • Reduced JPGRecorder memory footprint and made it thread-safe.

  • NatCorder now requires Unity 2020.3+.


  • Added CameraInput constructor overloads that accept a TextureInput in place of an IMediaRecorder.

  • Added exception propagation if native recorder cannot be created, preventing hard crashes.

  • Fixed AR trackable jittering in video recordings from ARFoundation.

  • Removed textureInput property from CameraInput class.

  • Rebuilt NatCorder.framework in Release mode to avoid build issues when using Unity as a library.

  • Removed code signing on NatCorder.framework. Developers must code sign when building.

  • Removed code signing on NatCorder.bundle to avoid Apple Store validation errors.


  • Improved recording performance on Android. NatCorder will no longer issue native GPU draw calls when encoding.

  • Improved CameraInput memory footprint and performance.

  • Improved WAVRecorder memory footprint.

  • Added support for Apple Silicon on macOS.

  • Added TextureInput and AsyncTextureInput classes for recording video frames from textures.

  • Added the ability to specify the audio output bit rate on the MP4Recorder and HEVCRecorder.

  • Added IMediaRecorder.CommitSamples overload which takes a pointer to a sample buffer in native memory.

  • Added anti-aliasing in CameraInput. It will use the setting defined in the project's Quality Settings.

  • Added Karaoke example that demonstrates recording audio to waveform files.

  • Added AudioInput constructor overload that does not take a clock, for recorders that do not need timestamps.

  • Added CameraInput constructor overload that does not take a clock, for recorders that do not need timestamps.

  • Fixed crash when recorders are created on a background thread on Android.

  • Fixed rare bug where recording crashes when device is running low on memory on iOS.

  • Fixed rare IllegalStateException crash caused by video encoder on Android.

  • Updated IMediaRecorder.CommitFrame native buffer overload to use unsafe void* pointer instead of IntPtr.

  • Removed FixedIntervalClock constructor overload which accepted a timestamp interval, as it was ambiguous.

  • NatCorder now requires Android API level 24+.

  • NatCorder now requires iOS 13+.

  • NatCorder now requires macOS 10.15+.


  • Improved JPGRecorder performance characteristics.

  • Fixed bug where videos recorded with audio on Android devices do not playback in Chrome.


  • Moved documentation online.

  • Fixed bug in WAVRecorder that produced corrupted recordings.

  • Deprecated WebCamTextureInput class.


  • Updated top-level namespace to NatSuite.Recorders for parity with other NatSuite API's.

  • Fixed crash due to JNI local reference table overflow on Android.


  • Implemented async pattern for recording callback using IMediaRecorder.FinishWriting method, greatly simplifying recording code.

  • Significantly improved memory consumption when recording MP4 and HEVC on Android.

  • The WebGL backend has been removed. We have placed it in an independent and open-source project called WebSuite API.

  • Added WAVRecorder for recording to waveform audio files.

  • Added WebCamTextureInputAttachment for recording video frames from a WebCamTexture.

  • Added exception generation to IMediaRecorder.FinishWriting so that developers can handle recording failure in code.

  • Deprecated IMediaRecorder.Dispose method.

  • Refactored IClock.Timestamp to IClock.timestamp.

  • Refactored FixedIntervalClock.Interval to FixedIntervalClock.interval.


  • Added Vulkan support on Android. Using Vulkan is strongly recommended over OpenGL ES as it offers much better recording performance.

  • Added IMediaRecorder.frameSize tuple property.

  • Improved recording performance on Android.

  • Improved memory consumption on Android.

  • Fixed rare crash when recording is stopped on Android.

  • Deprecated IMediaRecorder.pixelWidth and IMediaRecorder.pixelHeight properties.


  • Improved recording performance when using a CameraInput on Android.

  • Fixed first frame of recording being black on iOS and macOS.

  • Fixed microphone audio being silent in ReplayCam example.


  • Added JPGRecorder for recording to a jpg image sequence on macOS and Windows.

  • Fixed sporadic crash when CameraInput.Dispose is called.

  • Fixed sporadic encoding failure when using CameraInput to record MP4 on iOS.


  • Deprecated RenderTextureInput.

  • Fixed iOS recording colors being inverted building with Unity 2019+.


  • Changed RenderTextureInput to take timestamp with committed frame instead of an IClock in constructor.

  • Added auto-ticking to FixedIntervalClock.

  • Fixed editor hanging after recording then restarting game in Editor.

  • Fixed sporadic crash when recording with a CameraInput or RenderTextureInput is stopped on Android.

  • Fixed recording colors being inverted on some macOS builds.

  • Fixed crash on Google Pixel family devices when recording with audio.


  • Significantly improved recording performance on iOS and Android.

  • Added IMediaRecorder.CommitFrame (IntPtr, long) that takes a pointer to a buffer in native memory.

  • Added RenderTextureInput helper for committing video frames from RenderTextures.

  • Added support for HEVCRecorder on Android. This recorder will only work on Android 24+.

  • Fixed NoSuchMethodError exception when recording on certain Android devices.

  • Fixed RealtimeClock pausing causing recording to fail.


  • Added experimental support for HEVC with the HEVCRecorder. This is currently supported on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

  • The IMediaRecorder.CommitFrame method now accepts a pixel buffer instead of a RenderTexture. This means you can commit a byte[], Color32[], or any other pixel buffer array.

  • The IMediaRecorder.AcquireFrame method has been removed.

  • All IMediaRecorder implementations are now completely thread safe. As a result you can now record in a background thread, hence improving general performance.

  • Greatly improved recording performance and memory stability (no more GC!).

  • Added pixelWidth and pixelHeight getter properties to instances of IMediaRecorder.

  • Added WebCam example that demonstrates recording a WebCamTexture to a video.

  • Prevent crash when recording is stopped without committing frames. Instead, the recording callback will not be invoked.

  • Refactored RealtimeClock.IsPaused getter property to RealtimeClock.Paused read-write property.

  • Refactored FixedIntervalClock.Advance method to FixedIntervalClock.Tick.

  • Deprecated RealtimeClock.Pause and RealtimeClock.Resume methods.

  • Deprecated FixedIntervalClock.AutoAdvance property. You must now manually Tick the clock.

  • Deprecated GreyWorld example.

  • NatCorder now requires iOS 11+.

  • NatCorder now requires Windows 10 64-bit.

  • NatCorder now requires Metal in macOS Standalone builds and in the macOS Editor (enable this in Player Settings).

  • Reduced minimum Android requirement to API level 21.


  • Added support for multiple game cameras in CameraInput.

  • Fixed memory leak when recording on Windows.

  • Refactored CameraInput to use instance constructor instead of static factory method.

  • Refactored AudioInput to use instance constructor instead of static factory method.


  • Completely overhauled front-end API to provide a more recorder-oriented approach. Check out the for more info.

  • Added support for running multiple recording sessions simultaneously on devices that support this.

  • Fixed crash when recording was stopped on some Android devices.

  • Refactored NatCorder namespace from NatCorderU.Core to NatCorder.

  • Refactored recorder input namespace from NatCorderU.Core.Recorders to NatCorder.Inputs.

  • Refactored recording clock namespace from NatCorderU.Core.Clocks to NatCorder.Clocks.

  • Refactored CameraRecorder to CameraInput.

  • Refactored AudioRecorder to AudioInput.

  • Refactored IClock.CurrentTimestamp to IClock.Timestamp.

  • Deprecated NatCorder class.

  • Deprecated RecordingCallback delegate type.

  • Deprecated Container enum.

  • Deprecated VideoFormat struct.

  • Deprecated AudioFormat struct.

  • Deprecated IRecorder interface.


  • Greatly improved memory stability on iOS.

  • Fixed crash when GIF recording is stopped on iOS.

  • Fixed crash when recording MP4 with audio on Android.


  • Greatly improved recording stability and performance on Android. As a result, NatCorder now requires a minimum of API level 23.

  • Greatly improved recording stability and performance on iOS Metal. As a result, NatCorder now requires a minimum of iOS 8.

  • Greatly improved GIF visual quality on Android.

  • Dropped support for OpenGL ES on iOS. NatCorder will only use Metal on iOS.

  • Added support for the new Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) with CameraRecorder.

  • Update iOS and macOS backend to generate .mp4 instead of .mov file when recording MP4.

  • Added FixedIntervalClock for generating timestamps to maintain a constant framerate in recorded videos.

  • Added aspect fitting in CameraRecorder. This will ensure that videos will not appear stretched in the case of app autorotation or uneven recording sizes.

  • Added support for linear rendering on macOS and Windows.

  • Added a dedicated GIF recording example called Giffy.

  • Fixed BufferOverflowException when recording with audio on some Android devices.

  • Fixed DllNotFoundException when running on macOS.

  • Deprecated VideoFormat.Screen property. Manually create a video format with your intended resolution.

  • Deprecated CameraRecorder.recordingMaterial property. Use Image Effects instead.

  • Removed GIF recording from ReplayCam.


  • Added IClock interface and RealtimeClock class. Clocks are lightweight objects that generate extremely accurate timestamps for recording. They allow for audio to be perfectly synchronized with video when recording with audio.

  • Added full support for pausing and resuming recording with Recorder classes with the new Clock infrastructure.

  • Changed NatCorder.CommitFrame to take in a RenderTexture with a corresponding timestamp.

  • Fixed duplicate key error when NatCorder.CommitFrame is called on iOS.

  • Fixed CameraRecorder destroying recording material once recording is finished.

  • Fixed unallocated buffer exception being raised when recording with audio on iOS 12.

  • Fixed rare NullPointerException crash when recording MP4 on Android.

  • Deprecated AudioRecorder.Create overload that took in both an AudioSource and AudioListener.

  • Deprecated Frame class.


  • Added GIF recording on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows!

  • Added Recorders namespace, VideoRecorder component, and AudioRecorder component for quickly recording different gameobjects like cameras and audio sources.

  • Added proper support for offline recording, where a set of pre-rendered frames are all committed to NatCorder in one loop.

  • Added Container enumeration for specifying container format for recording (MP4 or GIF).

  • Added VideoFormat and AudioFormat structs for configuring recording.

  • Fixed crash on macOS and iOS when very short video (less than 1 second) is recorded.

  • Ensure that IsRecording properly changes immediately after StartRecording and StopRecording.

  • Improved speed of RecordingCallback being invoked on WebGL.

  • Refactored VideoCallback to RecordingCallback.

  • Deprecated Replay API.

  • Deprecated IAudioSource interface.

  • Deprecated Configuration struct.


  • Improved recording stability on iOS.

  • File paths on iOS and macOS are no more prepended with the file:// protocol.

  • Fixed tearing in recorded video on iOS Metal.

  • Fixed audio being slightly behind of video on iOS and macOS.

  • Fixed crash on Android when very short video (less than 1 second) is recorded.

  • Fixed null reference exception when recording is stopped on OSX, Windows, and WebGL.


  • We have significantly improved recording performance in iOS apps, especially in apps using the Metal API.

  • The Windows backend is no more experimental! It is now fully supported.

  • When recording with the Replay API, aspect fitting will be applied to prevent stretching in the video.

  • We have deprecated the Sharing API because we introduced a dedicated sharing API, NatShare.

  • Fixed audio stuttering in recorded videos on Windows.

  • Fixed tearing in recorded video when using OpenGL ES on iOS.

  • Fixed rare crash when recording in app that uses Metal API on iOS.

  • Fixed tearing and distortion in recorded video on macOS.

  • Fixed microphone audio recording from an older time in ReplayCam example.

  • Fixed crash when user tries to save video to camera roll from sharing dialog on iOS.

  • Deprecated Microphone API. Use UnityEngine.Microphone instead.

  • Deprecated NatCorder.Verbose flag.


  • We have added a native macOS backend! The NatCorder recording API is now fully supported on macOS.

  • We have also added a native Windows backend! This backend is still experimental so it should not be used in production builds.

  • The Standalone backend (using FFmpeg) has been deprecated because we have added native Windows and macOS implementations.

  • We have significantly improved recording stability on Android especially for GPU-bound games.

  • Added support for different Unity audio DSP latency modes.

  • Added sampleCount property in IAudioSource interface.

  • Fixed crash when StartRecording is called on iOS running OpenGL ES2 or ES3.

  • Fixed rare crash on Android when recording with audio.

  • Fixed audio-video timing discrepancies on Android.

  • Fixed video tearing on Android when app does not use multithreaded rendering.

  • Fixed FileUriExposedException when Sharing.Share is called on Android 24 or newer.

  • Fixed Sharing.GetThumbnail not working on iOS.

  • Fixed Sharing.SaveToCameraRoll failing when permission is requested and approved on iOS.

  • Fixed Sharing.SaveToCameraRoll not working on Android.

  • Fixed rare crash on Android when a very short video (less than 1 second) is recorded.

  • Fixed build failing due to missing symbols for Sharing library on iOS.

  • Improved on microphone audio stuttering in ReplayCam example by adding minimal Microphone API in NatCorderU.Extensions namespace.

  • Refactored Configuration.Default to Configuration.Screen.


  • First release.

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