Video Transcoding

Bye Bye FFmpeg

NatCorder can be used in conjunction with our open-source NatReader API to build video transcoding applications. NatReader is a lightweight video decoding library for Unity Engine. It currently supports decoding *.mp4 videos, and has the exact same cross-platform support and minimum requirements as NatCorder.

Lightweight Transcoding

NatReader acts as the decoder while NatCorder acts as the encoder, together forming a transcoding pair.

// Create a reader
var reader = new MP4FrameReader(videoPath);
// Create a recorder
var recorder = new MP4Recorder(reader.frameSize.width, reader.frameSize.height, reader.frameRate);
// Transcode
foreach (var (pixelBuffer, timestamp) in reader.Read())
    recorder.CommitFrame(pixelBuffer, timestamp);
// Finish
var path = await recorder.FinishWriting();

The above example illustrates the general usage pattern. From here, more complex transcoders can be built.

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