Cross Platform, Low Code User-generated Content for Unity Engine

Engineer your App's Virality

VideoKit is a low-code user-generated content SDK for Unity Engine. With VideoKit, you can quickly empower your users to create and share viral content from your application by leveraging the latest advances machine learning and media engineering.

Extremely Easy, Extremely Quick

VideoKit is extremely easy to use, and provides components that can be used to implement camera streaming, media recording, and video filters extremely quickly. Features include:

  • Low-code. VideoKit uses components extensively, allowing you to get going without writing any code.

  • Video recording. VideoKit allows for recording MP4 videos, animated GIF images, WEBM videos, waveform audio, JPEG image sequences, and more to come!

  • Camera streaming. VideoKit allows for streaming the camera preview, camera depth (coming soon), and multi-camera streaming (coming soon).

  • Video filters. VideoKit provides machine learning-enabled features for implementing TikTok and Snapchat-style video filters, including human segmentation (coming soon), hair segmentation (coming soon), face mesh (coming soon), and much more.

  • Cross-platform. With VideoKit you can develop once and deploy on Android, iOS, macOS, WebGL, and Windows—with no platform-specific changes or hassle.

Make sure to explore the full documentation to get a complete understanding of what the SDK offers.

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