Recording Videos

Video or It Didn't Happen 🤨
Recording videos is the most fundamental feature of VideoKit (if it wasn't already obvious from the name). Recording videos in VideoKit is extremely easy:

Creating a Recorder

The first step is to create a VideoKitRecorder component:
Creating a recorder in your scene.

Starting a Recording

Next, we need to invoke VideoKitRecorder.StartRecording when we want to begin a recording session. For this, we can use a UI button:
Hooking up the VideoKitRecorder.StartRecording method to a UI button.
Feel free to resize the button and change the text to something more descriptive.

Stopping a Recording

Before we take our setup for a spin, we should add another button to stop the recording. We will add a UI button to call VideoKitRecorder.StopRecording:
Hooking up the VideoKitRecorder.StopRecording button to a UI button.

Recording a Video

Enter play mode, click the 'Start Recording' button, wait a few seconds, then click the 'Stop Recording' button. Now, navigate to your project directory and there should be a new directory called VideoKit, and within it, you should find a video of your empty scene!
VideoKit always saves videos to the VideoKit directory in your project folder (in the Editor) or in your app's private documents directory (at runtime).