Tracking Changes


  • Added MediaAsset.ToValue method for creating Function prediction values from media assets.

  • Added VideoKitAudioManager.OnAudioBuffer event for receiving audio buffers from audio devices.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.OnCameraImage event for receiving camera images directly from the streaming camera device.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.texture property for accessing the camera preview texture.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.pixelBuffer property for accessing the camera preview pixel buffer.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.humanTexture property for accessing the camera human texture.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.imageFeature property for accessing the camera preview as an ML feature.

  • Added VideoKitRecordButton.OnStartRecording event.

  • Added VideoKitRecordButton.OnStopRecording event.

  • Fixed MediaAsset.path property containing invalid characters on Windows.

  • Fixed MediaAsset.Share task never completing when exception is raised on Android.

  • Fixed MediaAsset.Share failing for apps that use Vuforia on Android.

  • Fixed MediaAsset.SaveToCameraRoll method failing because of missing write permissions on older versions of Android.

  • Fixed MediaAsset.FromFile method failing on WebGL due to URL mishandling.

  • Fixed CameraDevice.WhiteBalanceModeSupported always returning false for WhiteBalanceMode.Continuous on Android.

  • Fixed CameraDevice.videoStabilizationMode getter property causing hard crash on some Android devices.

  • Fixed DllNotFoundException when importing VideoKit in Linux editor.

  • Fixed rare crash due to frame rate setting when CameraDevice.Discover is invoked.

  • Fixed rare crash when recording is started when rendering with OpenGL ES3 on Android.

  • Fixed rare crash when entering play mode in the Unity Editor because the app domain is reloaded.

  • Removed IMediaOutput interface.

  • Removed SampleBuffer struct. Use AudioBuffer struct instead.

  • Removed VideoKitAudioManager.OnSampleBuffer event. Use OnAudioBuffer event instead.

  • Removed CameraImage parameter from VideoKitCameraManager.OnCameraFrame event.


  • Added audio captioning using AI with the AudioAsset.Caption method.

  • Added ability to parse an arbitrary struct from text using AI with the TextAsset.To method.

  • Added ability to pick images and videos from the camera roll with the MediaAsset.FromCameraRoll<T> method.

  • Added MediaAsset class for loading, inspecting, and sharing media.

  • Added TextAsset class for loading, inspecting, and extracting models from text.

  • Added ImageAsset class for loading, modifying, and sharing images.

  • Added VideoAsset class for loading, inspecting, and sharing videos.

  • Added AudioAsset class for loading, inspecting, and sharing audio.

  • Added MediaRecorder class to consolidate working with recorders.

  • Added MediaFormat enumeration for identifying and working with media formats.

  • Added AudioDevice.Discover static method for discovering available microphones.

  • Added CameraDevice.Discover static method for discovering available cameras.

  • Added CameraDevice.exposureDuration property to get the current camera exposure duration in seconds.

  • Added CameraDevice.ISO property to get the current camera exposure sensitivity.

  • Added VideoKitProjectSettings class for managing VideoKit settings in the current Unity project.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.frameRate property for setting the frame rate of recorded GIF images.

  • Added VideoKitRecordButton.recorder property for getting and setting the recorder on which the button acts.

  • Added automatic camera pausing and resuming when app is suspended and resumed in VideoKitCameraManager.

  • Added native sharing support on macOS.

  • Added native sharing support on WebGL for browsers that are WebShare compliant.

  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._240xAuto, _720xAuto, and _1080xAuto constants resulting in incorrect resolutions.

  • Fixed visible artifacts when recording camera that only clears depth or doesn't clear at all (#32).

  • Fixed camera permissions not being requested when calling CameraDevice.CheckPermissions on fresh Android app install.

  • Fixed CameraDevice preview stream being frozen in the Safari browser on macOS.

  • Fixed CameraDevice focus being lost when setting FocusMode.Locked on Android.

  • Fixed mimeType not supported exception when creating a WEBMRecorder in the Safari browser.

  • Fixed std::bad_function_call exception when AudioDevice.StopRunning is called on WebGL.

  • Fixed CommitFrame exception when recording audio to a WAV file with VideoKitRecorder class.

  • Fixed media preview in native share UI not showing when sharing an image or video on Android.

  • Updated VideoKitCameraManager.StartRunning method to return a Task that can be awaited.

  • Updated VideoKitAudioManager.StartRunning method to return a Task that can be awaited.

  • Updated VideoKitRecorder.StartRecording method to return a Task that can be awaited.

  • Updated JPEGRecorder.FinishWriting to return path to all recorded image files separated by Path.PathSeparator character.

  • Refactored IMediaDevice interface to MediaDevice class.

  • Refactored MediaDeviceCriteria class to MediaDeviceFilters.

  • Refactored DeviceLocation enumeration to MediaDevice.Location.

  • Refactored PermissionStatus enumeration to MediaDevice.PermissionStatus.

  • Refactored VideoKitCameraManager.Capabilities.MachineLearning enumeration member to Capabilities.AI.

  • Removed IMediaRecorder interface. Use MediaRecorder class instead.

  • Removed MP4Recorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.MP4 instead.

  • Removed HEVCRecorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.HEVC instead.

  • Removed GIFRecorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.GIF instead.

  • Removed WAVRecorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.WAV instead.

  • Removed WEBMRecorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.WEBM instead.

  • Removed JPEGRecorder class. Use MediaRecorder.Create with MediaFormat.JPEG instead.

  • Removed MediaDeviceQuery class. Use AudioDevice.GetDevices and CameraDevice.GetDevices methods.

  • Removed SharePayload class. Use MediaAsset.Share method instead.

  • Removed SavePayload class. Use MediaAsset.SaveToCameraRoll method instead.

  • Removed AudioSpectrumOutput class.

  • Removed IEquatable interface inheritance from MediaDevice class.

  • Removed AudioDevice.Equals method as audio devices no longer define a custom equality method.

  • Removed CameraDevice.Equals method as camera devices no longer define a custom equality method.

  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.frameDuration property. Use VideoKitRecorder.frameRate property instead.

  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.Format enumeration. Use MediaFormat enumeration instead.

  • Removed VideoKitRecordButton.OnTouchDown event.

  • Removed VideoKitRecordButton.OnTouchUp event.

  • Updated top-level namespace from NatML.VideoKit to VideoKit.

  • VideoKit now requires iOS 13+.

  • VideoKit now requires macOS 11+.


  • Fixed crash when rapidly switching cameras on WebGL (#23).

  • Fixed rare memory exception when discovering audio devices on WebGL (#24).

  • Fixed VideoKitCameraManager.StopRunning not stopping camera device on Safari (#25).



  • Added GPU acceleration for background removal capability in VideoKitCameraManager on Android.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.frameRate property for setting the camera preview frame rate.

  • Added VideoKitRecordButton UI prefab for building recording UIs similar to Instagram.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Destination.Playback enumeration member for immediately playing back recorded media.

  • Added help URLs to VideoKit components in the Unity inspector.

  • Fixed VideoKitCameraManager.device property ignoring new values when the manager is not running.

  • Fixed sporadic crash when using HumanTexture capability with VideoKitCameraManager.

  • Fixed crash in VideoKitRecorder when recording to Format.WEBM with audio on WebGL.

  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.OrientationMode enumeration.

  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.AspectMode enumeration.


  • Added support for realtime background removal using machine learning. See the docs.

  • Added MatteKitPredictor for predicting a human texture from a given image.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.facing property for specifying a desired camera facing.

  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.Facing enumeration for specifying a desired camera facing.

  • Fixed camera preview being vertically mirrored when streaming the front camera on Android devices.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._2K enumeration member to Resolution._2560xAuto.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._4K enumeration member to Resolution._3840xAuto.

  • Refactored VideoKitCameraManager.cameraDevice property to VideoKitCameraManager.device.

  • Refactored VideoKitAudioManager.audioDevice property to VideoKitAudioManager.device.


  • Upgraded to NatML 1.1.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution.Custom resolution preset for specifying custom recording resolution.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.customResolution property for setting custom recording resolution.

  • Added VideoKitCameraView.focusMode setting for specifying how to handle camera focus gestures.

  • Added VideoKitCameraView.exposureMode setting for specifying how to handle camera exposure gestures.

  • Added VideoKitCameraView.zoomMode setting for specifying how to handle camera zoom gestures.

  • Fixed bug where VideoKit components could not be added in the Unity 2022 editor.

  • Removed VideoKitCameraFocus component. Use VideoKitCameraView.focusMode setting instead.

  • Removed VideoKitCameraZoom component. Use VideoKitCameraView.zoomMode setting instead.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.frameSkip property for recording every n frames during recording.

  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder.StartRecording throwing error on Android with OpenGL ES3.

  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder exception when stopping recording session on WebGL.

  • Fixed NullReferenceException in VideoKitRecorder when stopping recording without audioManager assigned.

  • Refactored VideoKitAudioManager.SampleRate._160000 to SampleRate._16000.


  • Added VideoKitAudioManager component for managing streaming audio from audio devices.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.RecordingSession struct for receiving richer information about a completed recording session.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.audioManager property for managing recording audio from audio devices.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._320x240 resolution preset.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._480x320 resolution preset.

  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder not allowing developer to select Destination.PromptUser destination.

  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder incorrect video size orientation when using Resolution.Screen and Orientation.Portrait.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.orientation property to VideoKitRecorder.orientationMode.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.aspect property to VideoKitRecorder.aspectMode.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.videoKeyframeInterval property to VideoKitRecorder.keyframeInterval.

  • Refactored VideoKitCameraManager.OnFrame event to OnCameraFrame.

  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.OnRecordingFailed event. Use OnRecordingCompleted event instead.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.videoBitRate property for specifying the video bitrate for applicable formats.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.videoKeyframeInterval property for specifying the keyframe interval for applicable formats.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.audioBitRate property for specifying the audio bitrate for applicable formats.


  • Added CropTextureInput for recording a cropped area of the recording.

  • Added WatermarkTextureInput for adding a watermark to recorded videos.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.VideoMode.CameraDevice video mode for recording videos directly from a camera device.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.destinationPathPrefix property for specifying recording directory.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._2K resolution preset for recording at 2K WQHD.

  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._4K resolution preset for recording at 4K UHD.

  • Added VideoKitCameraView.OnPresent event to be notified when the view presents the camera preview to the user.

  • Added VideoKitCameraFocus UI component for focusing a camera device with tap gestures.

  • Fixed CameraFrame.feature property returning new feature instance on every access.

  • Refactored MicrophoneInput class to AudioDeviceInput.

  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.AudioMode.Microphone enumeration member to AudioMode.AudioDevice.




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