Tracking Changes



  • Added GPU acceleration for background removal capability in VideoKitCameraManager on Android.
  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.frameRate property for setting the camera preview frame rate.
  • Added VideoKitRecordButton UI prefab for building recording UIs similar to Instagram.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Destination.Playback enumeration member for immediately playing back recorded media.
  • Added help URLs to VideoKit components in the Unity inspector.
  • Fixed VideoKitCameraManager.device property ignoring new values when the manager is not running.
  • Fixed sporadic crash when using HumanTexture capability with VideoKitCameraManager.
  • Fixed crash in VideoKitRecorder when recording to Format.WEBM with audio on WebGL.
  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.OrientationMode enumeration.
  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.AspectMode enumeration.


  • Added support for realtime background removal using machine learning. See the docs.
  • Added MatteKitPredictor for predicting a human texture from a given image.
  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.facing property for specifying a desired camera facing.
  • Added VideoKitCameraManager.Facing enumeration for specifying a desired camera facing.
  • Fixed camera preview being vertically mirrored when streaming the front camera on Android devices.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._2K enumeration member to Resolution._2560xAuto.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._4K enumeration member to Resolution._3840xAuto.
  • Refactored VideoKitCameraManager.cameraDevice property to VideoKitCameraManager.device.
  • Refactored VideoKitAudioManager.audioDevice property to VideoKitAudioManager.device.


  • Upgraded to NatML 1.1.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution.Custom resolution preset for specifying custom recording resolution.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.customResolution property for setting custom recording resolution.
  • Added VideoKitCameraView.focusMode setting for specifying how to handle camera focus gestures.
  • Added VideoKitCameraView.exposureMode setting for specifying how to handle camera exposure gestures.
  • Added VideoKitCameraView.zoomMode setting for specifying how to handle camera zoom gestures.
  • Fixed bug where VideoKit components could not be added in the Unity 2022 editor.
  • Removed VideoKitCameraFocus component. Use VideoKitCameraView.focusMode setting instead.
  • Removed VideoKitCameraZoom component. Use VideoKitCameraView.zoomMode setting instead.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.frameSkip property for recording every n frames during recording.
  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder.StartRecording throwing error on Android with OpenGL ES3.
  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder exception when stopping recording session on WebGL.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in VideoKitRecorder when stopping recording without audioManager assigned.
  • Refactored VideoKitAudioManager.SampleRate._160000 to SampleRate._16000.


  • Added VideoKitAudioManager component for managing streaming audio from audio devices.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.RecordingSession struct for receiving richer information about a completed recording session.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.audioManager property for managing recording audio from audio devices.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._320x240 resolution preset.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._480x320 resolution preset.
  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder not allowing developer to select Destination.PromptUser destination.
  • Fixed VideoKitRecorder incorrect video size orientation when using Resolution.Screen and Orientation.Portrait.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.orientation property to VideoKitRecorder.orientationMode.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.aspect property to VideoKitRecorder.aspectMode.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.videoKeyframeInterval property to VideoKitRecorder.keyframeInterval.
  • Refactored VideoKitCameraManager.OnFrame event to OnCameraFrame.
  • Removed VideoKitRecorder.OnRecordingFailed event. Use OnRecordingCompleted event instead.


  • Added VideoKitRecorder.videoBitRate property for specifying the video bitrate for applicable formats.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.videoKeyframeInterval property for specifying the keyframe interval for applicable formats.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.audioBitRate property for specifying the audio bitrate for applicable formats.


  • Added CropTextureInput for recording a cropped area of the recording.
  • Added WatermarkTextureInput for adding a watermark to recorded videos.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.VideoMode.CameraDevice video mode for recording videos directly from a camera device.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.destinationPathPrefix property for specifying recording directory.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._2K resolution preset for recording at 2K WQHD.
  • Added VideoKitRecorder.Resolution._4K resolution preset for recording at 4K UHD.
  • Added VideoKitCameraView.OnPresent event to be notified when the view presents the camera preview to the user.
  • Added VideoKitCameraFocus UI component for focusing a camera device with tap gestures.
  • Fixed CameraFrame.feature property returning new feature instance on every access.
  • Refactored MicrophoneInput class to AudioDeviceInput.
  • Refactored VideoKitRecorder.AudioMode.Microphone enumeration member to AudioMode.AudioDevice.




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