Answers to Common Questions

What is VideoKit?

VideoKit is a cross-platform low-code SDK for building user-generated content functionality. It builds upon our core APIs—NatML, NatCorder, NatDevice, NatShare—to enable developers quickly create interactive media experiences for their users.

Why should I switch from NatCorder or NatDevice?

A few reasons:

  • You won't have to write any code! And if you do, it'll be very tiny compared to the code you currently have to maintain to use our NatCorder and NatDevice APIs.

  • You will have access to more than just the functionality that NatCorder or NatDevice offers. Instead of having to figure out how to integrate our APIs, just use VideoKit!

  • You will likely have better performance by using VideoKit, as we are able to apply optimizations that cannot be applied when using one of our core media APIs.

Can I try VideoKit for free?

Yes! VideoKit offers an unlimited-time free trial. The trial does have certain limitations though:

  • Camera streaming is limited to use the camera's lowest-supported preview resolution, so the camera preview will look low-quality.

  • Only the Format.MP4 can be used. Creating any other recorder will throw an exception.

  • Audio recording is not allowed, so anything but AudioMode.None will throw an exception.

  • Recorded videos will have a prominent NatML logo watermark.

  • Recorded videos will have their long side capped to 480 pixels.

  • Machine learning and other advanced camera features, like human texture streaming, face detection, depth streaming, and so on are not allowed.

To lift these limitations, you will need an active NatML VideoKit subscription.

What is an Access Key?

In order to use NatCorder, you must authenticate yourself with a valid NatML access key. You can find your access key on your NatML Hub profile page. Once you retrieve the access key, place it in Project Settings > NatML.

Keep your access key secret! Anyone with your access key has almost full access to your NatML Hub account.

Will my apps require an internet connection?

Yes, but only on the very first time VideoKit is used. VideoKit will make an API request to generate a perpetual session token, after which the token is saved to the device and is valid forever. Minimal information is used to generate the token, and no information is collected from your users at runtime. See the code.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your VideoKit subscription, VideoKit will automatically revert back to the free trial mode in both the Unity Editor and in new builds from Unity.

Any existing apps you have built from Unity will continue to function as-is.

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